About Us


The Bayside District Amateur Radio Society (BDARS) is centred in the bayside area of Brisbane.  We welcome those interested in amateur radio, short wave listening and related electronic communications.  The interests of our members are diverse – covering HF, VHF, satellites, homebrewing, digital techniques and even good old ragchewing

Foundation Licence Course – 29 Feb and 1 Mar 2020 

BDARS will again run its popular Foundation Licence Course.  There is no cost and it will run over the weekend.  Contact secretary@bdars.org.au for more information and to book your place. 

WWII Radio History in Brisbane  At last club meeting, Peter Dunn OAM was our guest speaker.  His talk on US Army radio facilities in the Brisbane area during WWII can be seen here . Thanks to Councilor Paul Bishop for sharing this video!


VK4RDB Mt Cotton Repeater Frequencies (current 25 January 2020):-

  •   146.875 / 146.275 MHz      FM 25 kHz bandwidth, 91.5Hz Tone.

    • IRLP node 6633
  •   438.450 / 431.450 MHz     FM 25kHz bandwidth, 91.5Hz Tone. Dual Mode FM and C4FM;

    • Yaesu Wires-X node 59002
    • Echolink node 580564
  •   438.825 / 431.825 MHz      12.5 kHz  b/w (experimental) multi-mode digital repeater

    • VKDMR network (DMR+). Static TGs TS1: 1,5,13; TS2: 505,3804
    • BM network (restricted TGs).  BM TG 505424 keys TG9 on TS1 locally. BM PCalls enabled.
  •   145.175 MHz                25 kHz (APRS 1200 baud)

    The wonderful hobby of amateur radio encompasses about three million people worldwide and is a truly international pastime.

    The aim of our Society is to progress amateur radio locally through training courses and accreditation examinations for those interested in joining the hobby. We like to attract young and old alike and develop technical skills across a wide range of activities by holding regular meetings and events.

    We assist our members with our Member’s Shop (bulk purchase of items like coax and connectors). In addition, we have a small collection of high quality test gear available for member’s use.

    You are very welcome to come and meet our members or contact us via the internet or by telephone. Our New Members Handbook with membership application form is here on our website. You can email the form to the secretary or send via Australia Post to our PO Box 411 Capalaba Qld 4157.

    In 1991, the Society installed a VHF repeater VK4RBS transmitting on 146.875MHz at Alexandra Hills to extend the local area amateur coverage. A UHF repeater also with callsign VK4RBS, transmitting on 439.725MHz was donated and installed by club member, Russell Walker VK4DCM in 2009. Echolink (on the UHF repeater) and IRLP (Node 6633) operates on the VHF repeater. Your mobile phone can access Echolink via an app.

    In August 2018 the society began an exciting project to commission three new repeaters located on Mount Cotton. More information can be found in the Blog section of this website.

    The inaugural meeting of the Bayside District Amateur Radio Society was held at Alexandra Hills State High School on Friday 20th October 1989. There were 32 members and the first president was Don Thompson, callsign VK4YI (silent key) at that time.