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Raspberry Pi Course

With all this availability of low cost, high performance digital processing power, BDARS is organising a course to let members learn at their own pace about the Raspberry Pi, Linux and all the basic elements of getting to grips with this new technology.

It is envisaged that upon successful completion the participant will be able to install the RPi OS and use common Linux Apps and networking. They will become conversant with basic terminology and methods commonly used with basic RPi operations in the workshop.

The current status of this predominantly online course is that it is at a level where interested students could gain useful knowledge from the content; there are still some gaps in the courseware, so further contributions are gratefully requested.

The great thing about learning this material is that it applies to a broad spectrum of modern Linux based hardware, not just the Raspberry Pi.  These small low cost Linux based single board computers are being used in many modern Amateur Radio Projects.

If you are interested in either contributing to, or becoming a learner on the course, please contact the BDARS committee .

‘Raspberry Pi’ is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation

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  1. Richard Perks

    I am interested in the Raspberry Pi course especially as it is online as I’m located in Albany Creek and don’t have a car. I already have a Pi and have recently received a Whispering Pi shield and will be attempting to follow the instructions from Glenn VK4PK to allow me to get on 20m but have absolutely no experience with Linux.

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