The Society, as a non-profit voluntary organisation, is appreciative of the support of its members but help from the community and business is also vital to ensure that its free services continue.

Redland City SES kindly support the club in a mutual relationship where some club members participate in SES support activities – particularly relating to radio communications. The club usually meets at the SES depot in Cleveland.

The Society is “open for business’ and encourages local firms to participate in assisting its work. All offers that help progress the hobby will be considered.

In particular the Society has no place to call home and is urgently seeking a site for a clubhouse to facilitate meetings , training and the housing of associated radio equipment.

Donations to the Society by way of time, equipment or finance are always appreciated and there have been many contributions over the years. A need still remains for community involvement if the Society is to continue its work progressing the hobby, whilst at the same time being available to provide help locally with communications in the event of an emergency.

If you wish to donate to the Society please feel free to contact the Society.