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Club Night 5 August

Our club meeting night on 5 August had a great turn out. Geoff VK4FK gave an interesting talk on the Yaesu Fusion system for digital amateur radio. 

In addition, there was an overview of the construction of the HF dipole mast support for our Mt Cotton project.

Plus a sneak preview of “Shedweb”, the BDARS-developed software for control of the remote radios soon to be installed at this site. Exciting times!

SDR at 1 July Club Night

Another great BDARS club meeting last night at Cleveland.

More than 20 members listened to Dave VK4ZF tell us about the latest in Software Defined Radio.

Dave ran through the suitable low cost SDR units to buy, as well as best (free) software.

He suggests we look at SDRConsole and SDR#

As well, we got an update from committee members on progress at our Mt Cotton project, with progress well on track.

Tech Night club meeting talk about VK DMR

BDARS member Glenn Dunstan VK4DU presented a fascinating talk about the VK Digital Mobile Radio network at the Tech night yesterday.

The event was well attended and there were lots of questions answered by Glenn.

Glenn kindly agreed to share his PowerPoint presentation, and so we have uploaded it in .pdf form to the BDARS forum.

The topic is here and the direct link to the slides are here. (Its the latest post in the topic, near the end).

The BDARS team at work – June 8

A mini working bee at our Mt Cotton radio site yesterday.
Russell VK4DCM terminated the coax runs for attachment to the new bulkhead with lightning arrestors.

Meanwhile, Paddy VK4JPD, Phil VK4PG and Sue VK4*** installed the new workbench, kindly donated by Johan VK4JHE.

Excellent catering by Paddy kept the team going!

BDARS Club Meeting 3 June – a fascinating night.

We had Steve VK6SJ talk to us about the Flexradio SDR 100W HF transceiver series.

Steve joined the meeting by Skype and discussed the design of the unit and the benefits for ham radio operation.

We then logged on remotely to Future Systems demonstration Flex 6700 unit in Perth for a hands-on demo.
Big thanks to Glenn VK4PK for organising this and setting up the Skype link.

Great Fundraiser 25 May

Bunnings Capalaba was humming last Saturday when we ran our first sausage sizzle fundraiser for 2019.

A busy day, often there were queues and our first rate cooking/serving team was kept busy!

President Damo VK4FDPM and Vice President Eddie VK4TJE were there all day.

We’re still to wrap up the accounting for the day, but first numbers suggest a very good outcome.

Another great Tech Night

More than 20 BDARS members attended our Tech Night on 20th May to hear two great presentations.

Mark VK4BBC demonstrated how useful 3D Printing is to amateur radio.

His $250 Aldi 3D printer is a masterpiece when combined with ready-made digital designs from Thingiverse among others.

Mark set his printer to work and made a knob for a Yaesu transceiver while we watched!

Mark has offered to assist BDARS members in making parts, with proceeds going to the BDARS club.

Scott VK4MGL then gave us an insight into the working life of an Air Traffic Controller.

Most of us had no idea that a Brisbane flight bound for Sydney passes through the guidance of up to 15 controllers in a carefully orchestrated sequence before arriving safely.

Now we have some understanding of what the Brisbane based controllers face when the Sydney airport curfew concludes at 6 am every day with a multitude of inbound international flights all vying to be first on the ground.

Scott sent this through too, for interested BDAR members. To access “ERSA” document: http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/
Click on Publications
Select Aeronautical Information Products – AIP (first option)
Scroll down to agree to terms
Various documents available including some charts.
To find aerodrome information go to “Enroute Supplement Australia” ERSA.
there scroll down to select the location.

BDARS Tech Night 20th May

Two great talks from BDARS members lined up for Monday night at 7.30 at SES Cleveland:

Meet and Greet – Tea, coffee and biccies

Teeny talks

3D Printing”, Mark VK4BBC
“Air Traffic Control”, Scott VK4MGL

BDARS Bazaar – You can place orders from the BDARS Members shop, join BDARS and renew your membership. There’ll be some current RSGB Radcom and other magazines to borrow as well.

WIA Director addresses BDARS

At our BDARS club meeting on 6 May, WIA Director Aidan VK4APM talked to us about the WIA and possible visions for the future. We had a useful and spirited debate, with lots of discussion around the new licencing arrangements with the Australian Maritime College.

Aidan also outlined how the hobby and the regulatory regime is changing, and how the WIA might evolve to adapt.

BDARS Club Meeting, Monday 6th May

7.30 pm at SES
Another great BDARS Club General Meeting on 6th May
Meet and Greet – Tea, coffee and biccies
1. Guest Talk – Aidan Mountford VK4APM, WIA Director
The Wireless Institute of Australia is our national body. It’s vitally important work includes representing our hobby with our national regulator ACMA and on international bodies.
Aidan will talk to us about the strength of the WIA and how the implementation of the new licensing procedures with AMC
2. Regular BDARS Business
3. Bunnings Fundraiser – Sat 25th May
4. BDARS Bazaar – You can place orders from the BDARS Members shop, join BDARS and renew your membership. There’ll be some current RSGB Radcom magazines to borrow as well.
See you there!

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