7.30 pm at SES

A good Tech Night next Monday!

o Meet and Greet – Tea, coffee and biccies

o Teeny Talks (20 minute presentations, designed to inform (President Damo will ring the bell at the 20 minute mark!)

  • The Black Art of VHF/UHF Circulators” – Russell VK4DCM
  • “40 m Horizontal Loop Antenna” – Phil VK4PG

o Help Desk – bring in your rig or new project (or whatever) and let’s see if our collective brains can help with whatever is puzzling you.

o BDARS Bazaar – You can place orders from the BDARS Members shop, join BDARS and renew your membership. There’ll be some current RSGB Radcom magazines to borrow as well.

See you there!