On one of our regular social/technical club nights this month, Dave VK4ZF took a practical class on soldering techniques.

Dave provided us soldering irons, tools, cleaning materials and that most useful item of all – magnifying visors!

The practice board was a pre-drilled and tinned pcb, into which we were to install a neat row of ten or so resistors.




Dave then led the group of 12 enthusiastic club members through the important steps – cleaning, cleaning and cleaning….

And the right accessories – tip cleaning, iso-propyl alcohol, silicon soldering pad and the best cutters.

Dave also explained the right temperature and type of tip to use, along with best solder types for good results.



Armed with that knowledge, we set to work, cleaning boards and resistors, cutting to length and then soldering – ideally with a neat smooth, shiny dome of solder .

We all learnt a lot –  and I’m sure many of us have headed to eBay to stock up on those essentials.

A big thank you to Dave VK4ZF!