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Foundation Licence exams – 12 June

Get your Foundation Amateur Radio licence and callsign!

BDARS plans a Foundation Course refresher and exams on Saturday 12th June.

We recommend candidates study the Foundation Manual book and undertake Ron Bertrand’s course in readiness for a Q&A refresher run by BDARS members and our own examiner. See

Some up to date practical information for beginners is also available from the RASA website; there is a free e-book “Welcome to Amateur Radio” which contains plenty of useful information to help with the exam knowledge.

Contact to reserve your spot!

BDARS Tech Night 15 March

A great Tech Night last evening at SES in Cleveland to kick off the new BDARS year!

Johan VK4KR gave us a great “show and tell” of his homebrew dummy load. Cleverly packaged with a recycled PC heatsink, he’d built it for less than $40, complete with colour TFT screen and Arduino logic.

Martin VK4MCU showed how easy it is to work the world with new digital voice gear. With a laptop, hotspots and a microphone to envy(!), Martin quickly reached into the UK from our meeting room. His DV demonstration was based around BlueDV, DVmega DVstick 30 and the Treehouse project. Martin is happy to help newcomers to digital voice – contact

Bob VK4YA rounded off the night by showcasing his homebrew home automation. Again, Bob packaged up very cost effective sensors with a Raspberry Pi to provide a reliable security and warning system.

All up a super night with good attendance.

Club night 7 October

A very interesting BDARS club meeting on Monday 7th October.
Russ VK4DCM gave us a good talk on TVI (television interference) and how to avoid it.
As well, club members were shown the new FlexRadio HF 100 W transceiver station at Mt Cotton This is capable of full remote operation.

Training for club members on the FlexRadio will get under way at our Tech Night on 21st October.

Club Night 5 August

Our club meeting night on 5 August had a great turn out. Geoff VK4FK gave an interesting talk on the Yaesu Fusion system for digital amateur radio. 

In addition, there was an overview of the construction of the HF dipole mast support for our Mt Cotton project.

Plus a sneak preview of “Shedweb”, the BDARS-developed software for control of the remote radios soon to be installed at this site. Exciting times!

SDR at 1 July Club Night

Another great BDARS club meeting last night at Cleveland.

More than 20 members listened to Dave VK4ZF tell us about the latest in Software Defined Radio.

Dave ran through the suitable low cost SDR units to buy, as well as best (free) software.

He suggests we look at SDRConsole and SDR#

As well, we got an update from committee members on progress at our Mt Cotton project, with progress well on track.

The BDARS team at work – June 8

A mini working bee at our Mt Cotton radio site yesterday.
Russell VK4DCM terminated the coax runs for attachment to the new bulkhead with lightning arrestors.

Meanwhile, Paddy VK4JPD, Phil VK4PG and Sue VK4*** installed the new workbench, kindly donated by Johan VK4JHE.

Excellent catering by Paddy kept the team going!

BDARS Club Meeting 3 June – a fascinating night.

We had Steve VK6SJ talk to us about the Flexradio SDR 100W HF transceiver series.

Steve joined the meeting by Skype and discussed the design of the unit and the benefits for ham radio operation.

We then logged on remotely to Future Systems demonstration Flex 6700 unit in Perth for a hands-on demo.
Big thanks to Glenn VK4PK for organising this and setting up the Skype link.

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