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Tech Night club meeting talk about VK DMR

BDARS member Glenn Dunstan VK4DU presented a fascinating talk about the VK Digital Mobile Radio network at the Tech night yesterday.

The event was well attended and there were lots of questions answered by Glenn.

Glenn kindly agreed to share his PowerPoint presentation, and so we have uploaded it in .pdf form to the BDARS forum.

The topic is here and the direct link to the slides are here. (Its the latest post in the topic, near the end).

Mt Cotton repeater changes

The FM VHF repeater frequency has changed to 146.875MHz. The offset is -600KHz and it requires a 91.5Hz CTCSS tone to enable its use.

The UHF repeater on 438.450MHz has been upgraded and now has mixed mode capability. It will automatically switch between FM and Digital voice Yaesu System Fusion (Wires-X). It emits a 91.5Hz tone on FM voice which can be used  to stop the digital C4FM noise when only listening in FM.

Raspberry Pi Course

With all this availability of low cost, high performance digital processing power, BDARS is organising a course to let members learn at their own pace about the Raspberry Pi, Linux and all the basic elements of getting to grips with this new technology.

It is envisaged that upon successful completion the participant will be able to install the RPi OS and use common Linux Apps and networking. They will become conversant with basic terminology and methods commonly used with basic RPi operations in the workshop.

The current status of this predominantly online course is that it is at a level where interested students could gain useful knowledge from the content; there are still some gaps in the courseware, so further contributions are gratefully requested.

The great thing about learning this material is that it applies to a broad spectrum of modern Linux based hardware, not just the Raspberry Pi.  These small low cost Linux based single board computers are being used in many modern Amateur Radio Projects.

If you are interested in either contributing to, or becoming a learner on the course, please contact the BDARS committee .

‘Raspberry Pi’ is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation

Lighthouse Weekend 2017

Every year, the Lighthouse and Lightship Foundation organise an international event to promote the recognition of the important role these structures play in keeping the maritime safe.

As part of the activity, BDARS set up a temporary base at Cleveland Point, adjacent to the lighthouse, where the plan was to contact as many other amateur stations as possible. In particular, the stations that were also operating from lighthouse locations was of particular importance.

Despite a increasing level of wind, we were able to make contact with a good number of other stations. Radio conditions were good, but weather conditions deteriorated.

Thanks to the team led by Steven VK4CJ and Paddy VK4JPD for running the show. There were many visiting operators from the club, including Damo VK4FDPM and his guide dog Ebony. Well done guys!

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