More than 20 BDARS members attended our Tech Night on 20th May to hear two great presentations.

Mark VK4BBC demonstrated how useful 3D Printing is to amateur radio.

His $250 Aldi 3D printer is a masterpiece when combined with ready-made digital designs from Thingiverse among others.

Mark set his printer to work and made a knob for a Yaesu transceiver while we watched!

Mark has offered to assist BDARS members in making parts, with proceeds going to the BDARS club.

Scott VK4MGL then gave us an insight into the working life of an Air Traffic Controller.

Most of us had no idea that a Brisbane flight bound for Sydney passes through the guidance of up to 15 controllers in a carefully orchestrated sequence before arriving safely.

Now we have some understanding of what the Brisbane based controllers face when the Sydney airport curfew concludes at 6 am every day with a multitude of inbound international flights all vying to be first on the ground.

Scott sent this through too, for interested BDAR members. To access “ERSA” document:
Click on Publications
Select Aeronautical Information Products – AIP (first option)
Scroll down to agree to terms
Various documents available including some charts.
To find aerodrome information go to “Enroute Supplement Australia” ERSA.
there scroll down to select the location.