BDARS Homebrew Projects

We have some kit-building projects planned.  Our concept is that experienced members can guide those new to homebrewing at “Construction Evenings”. We can assemble some workstations – soldering irons and necessary tools, most likely at the SES facility on our regular social/technical nights.

Members who are interested should place orders (and pay) at nominated club meetings.  BDARS can then place a bulk purchase and the construction night(s) will be scheduled after delivery.

Planned Kits For Q4 2017 and Q1 2018

1.  WSPR Transmitter Kit from QRP Labs.

The Ultimate3S QRSS/WSPR transmitter kit is the third version in the “Ultimate” QRSS/WSPR kit trilogy.  It uses through-hole components and is readily assembled.  It can be set up for single or multiple bands.

It can produce QRSS, Hell, WSPR, Opera and PI4 slow-signal modes. Plug-in LPF filters are available for all 16 HF/MF/LF/VHF bands.



President Dave VK4ZF has already assembled one and is experienced in its construction and set-up.

The cost for the kit is US$56 including the optional GPS board for time synchronisation.

Orders for these are to be placed at the November club meeting 6 November 2017.



2. BITX 40 metre 7 watt SSB transceiver

The BITX40 is a 40 meter 7 watt SSB transceiver module kit with digital control. It comes on two pre-assembled boards which only need interconnection.

See   It is manufactured at low cost in India and is the brainchild of well known QRP expert Ashhar Farhan, VU2ESE.  There are several thousand of these at work globally. The front-end has a triple tuned circuit that cuts out-of-band signals. The VFO uses an Arduino Nano driving a Si5351 synthesizer. It has a 16×2 frequency display.


The transmitter provides 7 watts of SSB. You will need a 2 ampere 12 linear volts supply. Or you could simply run it from a battery!

Plenty of options for packaging it – including the breadboard style on the left(!).  There’s an active support forum for BITX builders (and hackers) as well.   Cost is US$69 including DHL delivery.