About Us

Amateur Radio encompasses some three million persons world wide and is a truly international hobby.

The aim of the Society is to progress  Amateur Radio locally through short training and accreditation courses  for those wishing to join the hobby, especially young people, develop technical skills across a wide range of activities for all ages by holding regular meetings and events. Bayside District Amateur Radio Society welcomes all those who are interested in Amateur Radio, both male and female, as well as other related radio communication enthusiasts like short wave listeners, CB operators, scanner listeners etc.

We ask you to drop-in to one of our friendly meetings and meet local radio amateurs or contact us through the internet or the telephone. The membership application form can also be downloaded from this website for signature. You can then post or email your details to the secretary.

The inaugural meeting of the Bayside District Amateur Radio Society was held at Alexandra Hills State High School on Friday the 20th October 1989. There were 32 members and the first president of the Society was the late Don Thompson – who held the callsign VK4YI at that time.

In 1991, the Society installed it’s own 2 meter VHF Repeater VK4RBS transmitting on 146.875MHz at Alexandra Hills to facilitate local area amateur communication needs. A Yaesu Digital Repeater with callsign VK4RBS and transmitting on 439.725MHz has been installed. This repeater can be used in either FM or Digital mode. Echolink and IRLP Node 6633 is available through the VHF repeater. The frequency of 3.570MHz is also used for networking.

The Society’s newsletter, “Beacon” commenced in 1990 and recent editions are available on this site. Participation in both local and global contests as well as providing facilities for JOTA (Jamboree Of The Air) within the local scouting and guiding community has been a feature.

The Society is officially affiliated with the Wireless Institute of Australia http://www.wia.org.au/ which provides local, state and international news about Amateur Radio , national licensing requirements , training courses, publications and radio contests.